Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

HCN’s Children’s Ministries presented “Christmas Gifts” from the Lamb’s Club Children and “A King Is Coming To Town” from the His Kids Crew on Sunday, December 4, 2011, at 6:00 PM in The Center. The Lamb’s Club (pre-school) program was directed by Amy Slocum with assistance from Adrie Brown and Rachel Jones. Toddler I Bell Ringers were Liam Boling, Zoie Butler, Addiston Miller, Katie Grace Walvoord, Lanie Kate Jordan, Atalaya Biggs, Gibson Lutz, and Porter Hood. Handbell Ringers were Caeden Boling, Megan Ermshar, Tyler Koon, Harper Kate Miles, Kennedy Plummer, Carson Slocum, and Nicholas York. Speakers were Caeden Boling, Megan Ermshar, Tyler Koon, Harper Kate Miles, Kennedy Plummer, Carson Slocum, Nicholas York, Kyler Kelley, Cole Petroff, Owen Agee, Mercedes Greathouse, Bryan Ermshar, and Seth Stride. Nativity Scene Characters were Mason Beach, Emmy Biggs, Amanda Dillon, Ellianna Gamble, Brandon Helm, Keegan Lutz, Emma Petroff, Lucas Waller, Lucia Greathouse, Cooper Jordan, Emilee Koon, Larry Douglas Pardue, Leyton Plummer, Austin Reigard, Jake Stride, Caroline Walker, and Savannah Szyperski.

Tammy Tarter served as His Kids’ general director, with assistants, Julie Groover and Jessica Agee in music and April Swoner and Kristin Jordan in drama. Robert Sullivan ran sound and lights. Jody Scott and Betty Willis prepared the set. The cast for “A King Is Coming To Town” included Caroline Brasfield, Reid Swoner, Trey McNeese, Johnny Pilarski, Jackson Barfield, Selah Coppedge, Summerlyn Hysell, Carter Poole, Stephen Swoner, Rebecca Eiseman, Eva Harris, Madi Slocum, Regan Perkins, and Bethany Webb. Vocalists included Hutson Miles, Sydney Webb, Kyler Kelley, Parker Hollandsworth, Briley Ruff, Bryan Ermshar, Will Stride, Stephen Swoner, Ashlynn Lounsbury, Regan Perkins, Elizabeth Foster, Brooke Bradley, Victoria Hood, William Dillon, Katelyn Brown, Cole Petroff, Owen Agee, Gracie Lee, Sydney Williams, Dillon Massey, Michael Spraker, David Paddon, Christian Rios, Elizabeth Stinson, Gant Brasfield, Camille Reigard, Miranda Spraker, Preston Davis, Brenae Fox, Mercedes Greathouse, Hannah Holderby, Alexi Baltz, Gabby Rouse, Alex Sullivan, Rebecca Eiseman, Madison McNeese, Annalee Poole, Isabella Stinson, Alyssa Mannen, Bethany Webb, Tristan Lee, Breelyn Ruff, Seth Stride, Ian Rouse, Ava Davis, Mia Agee, Dakota Biggs, Eva Harris, Ethan Foster, Abby Reigard, Madi Slocum, Brooklyn Fox, Lyric Gray, and Mary Dillon. I think if you count, there were sixty plus children in the production.

Pastor Carol Waller said people wrapped boxes, herded animals, practiced lines, painted signs, fluffed trees, hung a set, ran power point, invested in the lives of children. Thanks to all parents and children and directors who allowed the rest of us to listen and to see.

Thanks to the Genesis Sunday School Class for providing set-up and for receiving and preparing the food for the rest of us. Thanks to all who brought food to feed our guests. Thanks to the Senior High B1 Students who broke down the chairs and tables and assisted with clean-up.

Steven and Ginger Magee moved with their children to Middle Tennessee from Colorado last year. They brought with them a great desire to begin a teen Bible Quiz program at HCN and they have. Their sons, Taran, Josiah, Daniel, and Nolan were joined by Bryce Poole in this first year, quizzing on the book of Hebrews. In several weeks, I and II Peter will be added to the mix. Half way through the Tennessee District season, Bryce and Nolan have placed in the top five for novice quizzers. Taran, Josiah, and Daniel have placed consistently in the top sixteen quizzers. Daniel and Josiah competed in a national tournament last weekend in St. Louis. In the November meet, one of the HCN teams took second place in the meet. Congratulations to these quizzers and to their dedicated coaches who make the difference in their team effort.

Thanks to Gant Brasfield and Dillon Massey who lighted Advent candles during worship services on Sunday, December 4, 2011, at HCN.

Thanks to Betty and Ken Willis, Keli and Sam Green for using their superb decorating skills over the last two weeks to decorate the church for Advent. Keli and Sam set up the Christmas tree in the Center Lobby. Betty and Ken then relocated the tree so that the crèche could be moved to the corner of the Lobby. Betty has hung banners, hung wreaths inside and outside, prepared bulletin boards for silk screens and stars. Her fingerprints are lots of places around the church.

Do you ever buy a paper from one of the homeless vendors on the streets around Nashville? In the most recent issue of The Contributor, December 2011, Ray Ponce De Leon has written an article about the Trevecca Physician Assistants program and their ministry to the clients at Mercury Courts. He cites Robin Jewett as the coordinator of the effort as she teaches at TNU. Turn to page 4 and read.

This Sunday’s schedule follows regular times and Sunday School. There is a preaching service at 9:00 AM in the Sanctuary and the Worship Choir presents their annual Christmas musical at 10:15 AM in the Center. This gives options to what you want to see and hear. Diane Cater directs the LiveWire (middle school students) Ministry in a drama at 6:00 PM in the Center. Bring pasta and pizza, desserts, and drink to this fellowship. We will get our food first, be seated at tables, and watch the program.

I look forward to singing with you on Sunday.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Howard

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Thanks to Max Andrade, Doug and Christy Gold, and Bill Manley, for sharing pieces of their lives during Sunday morning worship yesterday. For five to six years, I have selected three or four people from the congregation to tell their stories on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I attempt to ask people who are relatively new to the congregation and who have experienced significant life events in the past year. I think it is easy to attend worship week-after-week and to believe that everyone else has a smooth life. It helps to know that we all have tough places and times of struggle. It took great courage for each person to stand and speak. I appreciate your investment in both services. Thanks to Billie Ragland for overseeing the preparation of communion for each service.

Congratulations to Max Andrade and Jennifer Lee who were baptized in a 5:00 PM service on Sunday, November 27, 2011, in the Sanctuary. Pastor Shane Tarter interviewed and baptized Max and Pastor Rondy Smith interviewed and baptized Jennifer. We rejoice in their declarations of faith and their receiving of the sacrament.

The New Life Sunday School Class began the Room-in-the-Inn season at HCN on Saturday, November 26, 2011, by hosting ten homeless men in our facilities. HCN Director Paul Stonecipher served as transporter to and from the downtown center. Ray Render and Jody Sweeten served as overnight chaperones. Ronnie Marsh, Kendell Poole, Tony Dozier, Darlene Miranne, Tammy Poole, Stephanie Gamble, Stacey Sweeten, Charlotte Rose, Judy Shepard, Ginger Magee, Pam Stonecipher, Mike Miranne, and Lisa Kelley prepared the evening and breakfast meals and the take-away lunches; set up tables and televisions and bed cots; offered washers and dryers and showers for personal needs. They treated our guests with courtesy and dignity. Jesus said whatever was done to and for these men was done to and for him. Think about that for a while. Thanks to the New Life Class for representing all of us.

The B1 Senior High Men set up the tables and chairs on Sunday night in The Center. Lisa Anderson and Pam McNeese led the hard work in setting up the serving tables. Thanks for your service. Thanks to everyone who brought soup, salads, desserts, and drinks. The people at my table enjoyed the great variety. Thanks to Tyler Koon for bringing in the light for the Advent candles.

This Sunday, December 4, 2011, at 6:00 PM, HCN Children present their Christmas program and musical in The Center. We always have lots of guests so we need lots of food to serve. Bring a tray of sandwiches or veggies or fruit and finger food desserts. Deliver your food to a kitchen window and service will be set up in the hallway.

Each Sunday in worship, we pray for a significant list of soldiers by name. Those names represent sons, grandsons, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Some of the soldiers are on their first tour of duty. Some of the soldiers are on their fourth tour of duty. What sacrifice. Our specific request in prayer is that God will return each soldier safely to his or her family. I have one request of you. When you know that a soldier has returned stateside, would you notify me or the church office. I am listing the names here: Ryan McDaniel, Micah Terry, Jeff Holland, Brandon Hanks, Eric Lathrop, Jeremy Binkley, Matthew Muniz, Michael Resendez, Jamie Nicholson, Dylan Booher, Ron Ray, Nicole Rollis, Jeff Worley, Kevin Thomas, Josh Samuels, Derek Thornhill, Shawn Crofutt, Clint Hale, Allison and Brian Murray, Sean Clymer, Ricky Lutz, Kurt Kile, Jason Schlee, Matt Clouse, Sawyer Smith, Jamie Hazel, Caleb Cook, Jamie Barber, Robert Pizzatola, Thomas St. Thomas, Dan Hansmeier, Mike Berman, Anton Hoffman. If you know someone who has returned, please call.

The Thanksgiving Offering for world missions totaled $8,125 for the month of November. Thank you for your participation, prayer, and thought.

The Mission Africa ’12 Team is reaching critical schedule points in its venture. Shot regimes must be completed. Passports must be secured. Rosters must be finalized. Strange as it may seem, there are always a few people who really want to go and wait until the last months to join the team. If you are one of the people who is holding back, it is time to identify yourself. In the month of December, minimal deposits must be made for those registering for the trip and in the month of February, all monies must be paid for airfare. We are getting near the point where we could not add people if we wanted. So, now is the time. We still have room for you. Are you supposed to go on this mission?

It is possible that you have no direction to go on this mission but you feel drawn to assist someone else in participating. I know several young people and several adults who could use your help. Talk to me if you are interested. The end of the year is a good time to give for tax credits.

Quite a few college/university students were present in worship on Sunday. They were home for Thanksgiving. I had an opportunity to speak to several and to tell them how much I had missed them. They told me how much they had missed church and how they had enjoyed worship on Sunday. One young man told me it would only be two to three weeks and he would be home for Christmas and back in church. I look forward to him being home with us.

I look forward to all of us being home.

In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Howard

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

I hope Psalm 100 is still ringing in your ears today. It was not the lectionary scripture for Sunday but it was the scripture from which I was led to preach. One family posted on facebook that they are memorizing it for Thanksgiving and may make its recitation the ticket for pumpkin pie. Our lives are not our own. We belong to God. “It is he who made us and we are his.”

The Thanksgiving Meal last evening looked delicious. The tables were full. Thanks to the turkey and ham cookers: Bill Lowe, Pam McNeese, Shelley Flint, Ginger Magee, Rachelle Reigard, Cathy Preston, Lisa Anderson, Angela Manley, Ruthann Terrell, Miriam McMillan, Carol Waller, and Sandra Hunt. I know at least three ladies who made dressing: Betty Willis, Pam McNeese, and Barbara Parrish. Thanks to everyone who provided the fixings, the salads, the vegetables, the bread, the desserts, the drinks. Thanks for the good company. Thanks to the New Life Sunday School Class for handling set-up and break-down for the event. Great teams are required to make the church work. Thanks to Lisa Anderson and Pam McNeese for setting up and cleaning up the serving tables.

The Weekend Bake Sale led by Diane Cater was an attempt to raise money to alter Hunger for Children. Over $600 was raised from the HCN parking lot on Saturday. The total edged closer to $1000 from the Lobby on Sunday. We will give you totals next week and the route the money takes to make a difference for kids.

Upwards Basketball Evaluations take place on Monday and Tuesday, November 27-28, 2011, from 6 to 8 PM in The Center. It is not too late to register online or by picking up a form at the HCN offices. Pastor Ken Jewett directs the ministry.

Reid Swoner, Maxwell Mullins, and Grant Phelps’ B-Gray Team won their State Champion-ship Game in Brentwood and Preston Phelps’ CCC Team won their State Championship Game.

I know grandparents who traveled from Kansas City to attend the games. Congratulations.

For weeks, I have written to you regarding the Thanksgiving Offering for world missions. I have attempted to offer multiple reasons for supporting the 700 plus Nazarene missionaries in 150 plus world areas. If specifics are your thing, I offered the support of our own missionaries, Spencer and April Baggott, who serve with their three children in Rwanda. The Baggotts are members of HCN. Giving to missions in the month of November totals $6,337. It is not too late to participate in this offering. Someone who will be out of town this weekend handed me their mission offering on Sunday night and asked if I would put it in the plates this coming Sunday. How close could we get to $10,000?

Like you, I am thankful this year for my family, the health and safety of my family, my church. I am thankful for the pastoral staff team with which I work week-after-week. I am thankful for you. The Wednesday night class I teach is currently studying a newly published book by Gordon MacDonald entitled Going Deep. Two weeks ago, the lesson contained an elevator story. The simple message was: if you were on the first floor in an elevator and were traveling to the thirtieth floor, what would you tell someone about your church in that amount of time. I asked the pastoral staff team that question last week and these are some of the words they used: healthy, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, intergenerational, non-threatening, genuine love for people, relationships with Jesus, challenges for life, young people, energetic worship, pastoral, longevity of staff, community, missional, eclectic, biblically based, relevant, hospitable, fluid, trust, future-driven, family oriented. I know all those words take longer than thirty floors but that included seven people sharing. What would you tell someone in that elevator? What are you thankful for regarding your church this Thanksgiving?

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Howard

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Congratulations to Kyle Smith, a Mt. Juliet High School Senior, on signing a baseball scholarship with Vanderbilt University on Thursday, November 10, 2011. Congratulations to Sarah Harris, a Donelson Christian Academy Senior, on signing a golf scholarship with the University of Kentucky on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Jordan Marlowe and Stephen Swoner play on the same team in the Mt. Juliet Youth Football League: Mt. Juliet C Black. They had an undefeated season and were division champs in their age group. On Saturday, November 12, 2011, they played at Brentwood’s Crockett Park in State Playoffs for the Tennessee Youth Football Association. They remain undefeated and were crowned TYFA State Champions. The team goes to Knoxville to play in the Battle at the Rocky Top Football Tournament. Stephen is the quarterback, punter, kicker and receives both kickoffs and punts. Jordan plays offensive and defensive tackle and is on the kickoff and receiving team. Congratulations to both young men.

Tennessee District TNT for Sports met at HCN on Friday and Saturday, November 11-12, 2011. More than 300 young people attended the opening worship service on Friday night in the Sanctuary. HCN Senior High Students served as hosts and hostesses, which often meant they were doing dirty work. They picked up and emptied trash around the building and even plunged toilets and mopped floors in restrooms. Does that impress you as much as it impresses me? Ben Mabry and Jonathan Mowry made the Senior High Ultimate Frisbee Team. Nolan Magee placed 2nd in Junior High Table Tennis. Daniel Magee placed 3rd in Middle High Table Tennis. Bryson Fox placed 4th in Middle High Table Tennis and Bryson’s Basketball Team took 3rd place. Hannah Jackson placed 2nd in the 5K run. Kenzie Eiseman placed 3rd in the 5K run. Chandler Scott and Marileigh Mabry made the Girls’ Soccer Team. Congratulations to the individual and team participants.

Simon Kiendi is a Kenyan who works in volunteer service for World Servants. For the last two missions to Kenya, Simon has become a beloved brother to our HCN teams. He takes care of us and we return his care with deep affection. Simon visited in second service on Sunday, November 13, 2011. He is in the states visiting his son who lives with his family in Texas. He was so moved by the privilege to share worship with us on Sunday that when given an opportunity to greet the congregation, he could only weep and lay his head on the pulpit. John and Rachelle Reigard hosted the 2008, 2010, and 2012 Mission Africa Teams at their home on Saturday, November 12, 2011, so everyone could renew and make new friendships with Simon.

Smoke on the Mountain debuted at HCN on Sunday, November 13, 2011, at 6:00 PM in The Center. Diane Cater dreamed and directed the production. Actors and vocalists included Lamar Bradley, Beverly Sharpe, Suzanne Karr-Herring, Shelley Flint, Ronnie Thompson, Will Miranne, and John Jordan. Blue Grass Musicians included Michael Waller, David Flint, Bill Fleming, Rich Herring, Graham Scott, Chuck Cline, and Lucy Cline. I received this email this morning which I will alter enough to protect the identity of the writer. “I cried my eyes out at the altar this morning as I grieved for loved ones. I reluctantly went to the Sunday evening performance of “Smoke” because I was despondent and so weary from fatigue—but that performance made me laugh with all my might and relieved the stress in my body. It also relieved some of the stress in my mind because, after all, laughter is the best medicine. The performers were excellent and my daughter almost fell out of her seat laughing at Shelley’s signing. Great music and joy lifted the burdens of this old battered heart. I love my church.” I personally asked everyone at the staff table this morning if they had ever flown a June bug. It is with great sadness that I report only Rondy Smith and I had done so. Not everyone is as culturally rich as we are. We take so much for granted. Thanks for the June bug theology, Beverly. Were there 400 people present on Sunday night?

This Sunday, November 20, 2011, is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is also the evening when our congregation gathers to eat a Thanksgiving meal. We will begin to prepare our plates at 5:00 PM in The Center. We need six families to prepare a turkey and six families to prepare a ham. We need some families to prepare dressings. The rest of us need to prepare a salad or vegetable, a dessert, and bring a large drink. If you will prepare a turkey or ham, please call the church office at 847-3335 and put your name on a list. We need to know ASAP. Thanks.

Thanksgiving Offering envelopes were included in last Sunday’s bulletins and will be included in this week’s newsletter mailing. The envelopes are to help us remember our participation in the offering for world missions. I have written you for weeks about the possibility of making a sacrificial offering for missions. November is the time. I hope you are thinking and praying and planning.

Samaritan’s Purse sponsors Operation Christmas Child each year in hopes of providing joy to underprivileged children at Christmas. Shoe boxes are filled with recommended and age appropriate gifts that are then distributed to children in need. This is the week for collecting the boxes. 94 boxes are ready for delivery from HCN. Thanks to Jody Brown for leading the project.

I look forward to Sunday.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Howard

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Trevecca’s Homecoming Activities filled up last Friday and Saturday, November 4-5, 2011, on the hill. Daniel Smith, a senior class representative to the court, was crowned Homecoming King. Anna-Laura Green and Toby Haydel represented the freshman class as princess and prince. Michelle Arend Plummer was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame, honoring her career as a scholarship volleyball player. We are proud of all of these HCN honorees.

Building One’s Senior High Students traveled to Livingston, Tennessee, to the famous Barnes Farm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, November 4-6, 2011, for their annual fall camping retreat. There were sixty-eight students, eleven chaperones, and four hosts and hostesses. Ron, Illona, Gatha, and Mike cooked breakfast each morning including eggs, biscuits, French toast, omelets, sausage, bacon, etc. Shaun Lewis, assisted by Scott Perkins, cooked the barbecue for Saturday night. Jared Bouton served as chaplain speaker. Chaperones included Steven Magee, Gloria Maphet, Sarah Joe Bouton, Aaron Foster, Julie Foster, Katie Bridges, and Gregg Trotter. Pastor Shane Tarter served as the big boss. Retreaters included Adrie Brown, Alex Houser, Allyson Huffman, Andrew Vines, Avie Joyce, Caleb Foster, Chase Buscherfeld, Christopher West, Colby Wilcock, Corey Miranne, Ben Mabry, Emily Paddon, Evan Hollingsworth, Grant McCoy, Haylee Fee, Hannah Burnette, Hunter Steinmetz, Jackie Kuiack, Jared Mannen, Jessica Perkins, Jessie Joyce, Jonathan Mowry, Jonathan Silvernail, Josiah, Magee, Josh Cater, Josh Elkins, Kaitlin Hunek, Kelli Rose, Kevin Helm, Levi Carlton, Lisa Schwabauer, Max Andrade, Madison Trotter, Paige Ronsen, Rachel Thimell, Reed McCoy, Renee Lancaster, Robby Amity, Robert Luther, Ryann Amity, Ryan Mahoney, Sadie Dillon, Sara Drummond, Sara Matthews, Sarah Griffith, Sarah Burnette, Sophie Green, Stephanie Owens, Taylor Clark, Taylor Gonyea, Taran Magee, Torrey Cheney, Trevor Hunt, Will Choe, Will Fleming, Zack Duncan, Philip Calkins, Paige Hood, Daniel Jones, Brad Mullins, Hunter Batty, Nathan Curtis, Rachel Jones, Cameron Woodfin, Colby Earls, Mikey Jacobi, and Bonnie Baker. My friends on facebook raved about the experience. These are some of their posts: “unparalleled in its awesomeness,” “friends, serenity, and God,” and “amazing.” Hunter Steinmetz told me the only thing he did not like about it was it was his last time to go. He is a senior. No electricity. No running water. No indoor plumbing. One john. In the middle of the woods on a privately owned farm. Sleeping in tents in 40 degree weather. And they loved it.

Upwards Flag Football Teams and Cheerleaders played their last games at HCN on Saturday, November 5, 2011, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. They played under the lights set up under the gracious direction of Robert Sullivan (without whom there would be no lights). Coaches, officials, and volunteers for the season included Kristi Dozier, Gabby Satterlee, Keely Dozier, Ashley Wallace, Steve Stride, Steve Webb, Craig Cardwell, Dwayne Wright, Lindsey Miller, Maddy Rouse, Derek Brinkman, David Tigabu, Rick Brown, Wade Williams, Paige Ronsen, Caitlyn Taylor, Janelle Lake, Greg Ruff, Jonathan Beach, Valerie Marsh, Lamont Price, Tonya Williams, Chip Jackson, Troy Wood, Logan Frye, Richard Rouse, Beth Rouse, David Silvernail, Phil Stinson, Ray Render, Sheri Render, Grant Render, Ronnie Thompson, Jody Sweeten, Rob Mathias, Michael Mathias, and Mark Washing. This list does not reflect the parents who stepped in as substitute coaches, kept the fields mowed, provided snacks, or extended hospitality to the many guests we had each week at our games. Congratulations to Pastor Ken Jewett on leading and organizing a successful season. Now, on to basketball.

Congratulations to Reid Swoner, Maxwell Mullins, and Grant Phelps, on their season in the Charlie Daniel’s Tennessee Football Alliance. The Mt. Juliet Boys Grey Team earned a 7-1 regular season, two play-off wins, and head to the championship game in Brentwood this Saturday, November 12, 2011. Preston Phelps and Zachary Gonyea played on the Mt. Juliet Triple C Team with a 7-1 record, two play-off wins, and head to their own championship game in Brentwood on Saturday.

If you watch the Today Show on NBC in the mornings, you are familiar with the annual sketches of “Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?” Well, this is the week that Matt Lauer is traveling to a different place every day. And the male vocalist singing the “Where In The World Song” is Paul Vann. Listen and brag to your neighbors and coworkers.

Thanks to all of the Veterans reading this letter who have served in a branch of the United States Military. Thanks for your service and sacrifice. Thanks for your courage. We commit ourselves to continue to pray for the safety of those on active duty.

The next two Sunday nights in November are BIG at HCN.
This Sunday, November 13, 2011, features the musical “Smoke on the Mountain” directed by Diane Cater. The actors and actresses are all our own and they are fabulous. The event begins at 6:00 PM in The Center.
The next Sunday, November 20, 2011, features the All Church Thanksgiving Dinner. This meal begins at 5:00 PM. We need six families to cook a ham and six families to cook a turkey. The rest of us need to bring a vegetable, a salad, and a dessert. If you will volunteer to prepare a ham or turkey, call the church office at 847-3335 and put your name on a list with Jody, Joy, Billie, or Betty.

I know I may be in the minority, but I love when Daylight Savings Time ends. I love the extra hour on Sunday morning. I loved it last night when it was 9:00 PM and it seemed late. It is 4:15 PM right now and it is already getting dark outside. It reminds me of when I was a kid and no one had heard of Daylight Savings Time.

I hope you are considering giving a Thanksgiving Offering to World Missions. I have attempted over the last month to help us consider some of the reasons why we should give. You might give simply because you are thankful.

I am thankful to serve as the pastor of HCN.

In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Howard

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1, 2011

Mel Parkhurst died on Thursday evening, October 27, 2011, at St. Thomas Hospital. Mel was a member of HCN since 1998. There are lots of special stories about Mel. Bethel Church of the Nazarene was born from prayer meetings, one of which was held in Mel’s family home. Mel loved Bethel Church and her people. He married Linda when she was a young teenage girl and he was just discharged from the Navy. They were married 58 years. Mel was a clown and loved to do magic tricks. He loved to meet people. He had pictures of himself with David Copperfield, Reba McIntyre, and Al Gore. He loved to travel, to swim, to camp, to grow roses, to cook for other people. His brother and his sons said he never cussed, never used tobacco, never drank alcohol of any kind. Linda said his mother was an old prayer warrior who prayed for Mel continuously. He and Linda knelt at the corner of the front altar in first service during pastoral prayer on the last Sunday of his life. His memorial service was held at HCN on Monday, October 31, 2011, at 11:00 AM. His life began in the church and the church was the last place his body left before he was carried to the cemetery. We extend our arms and love and care to Linda, who survives Mel. The Early Christians and Faith Builders Sunday School Classes were asked to serve as honorary pallbearers for Mel. At the close of the service, they formed an honor guard of sorts that extended out of the sanctuary and through the foyer to the hearse. It was very moving.

Congratulations to Hunter Steinmetz, a senior at Mt. Juliet High School, selected for the DAR Citizenship Award. His counselor reports he received the most nominations from the faculty.

Congratulations to Daniel Smith, one of the senior representatives elected to the Trevecca Homecoming Court for King. Congratulations to Anna-Laura Green, the single representative for the freshman class to the Trevecca Homecoming Court for Queen. Congratulations to Toby Haydel, the single representative for the freshman class to the Trevecca Homecoming Court for King. All are members of HCN.

More than fifty men and young men ate breakfast together and listened to Dr. Steve Stride on Saturday, October 29, 2011, from 7:00 to 8:30 AM in The Center. Thanks to Brian Biggs for arriving early and running all the audio visuals. Steve talked to us about the profound effect of violence in the home in comparison to other types of abuse. Thanks, Steve. Thanks to Jill Satterlee for preparing the great breakfast.

The Fall Fish Fry held on the west end of the campus on Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 5:00 PM showed the refined planning of Wayne McNeese to begin frying all food items around 4:45 PM. Every item was hot and crisp and fresh. Although Wayne has lots of help, it is help that he recruits and he carries the load on his shoulders. Thanks to the following cooks: John Jordan, Ken Elkins, Glen Detwiler, Tim Garrett, Dan Scott, Ken Willis, Dean Beach, Paul Stonecipher, Tom Stephens, Rick Person, Ricky McNeese, Bobby Smith, Kenny McNeese, Ken Koon, Webb Trojan, Bill Jackson, Jonathan Beach, Marvin Heath, and Bill Groover. Thanks to the following prep and kitchen workers: Diane McNeese, Kylee Koon, Pam McNeese, Dot Waffird, Lisa Anderson, Rose Baker, Treila Garrett, and Julie Groover. Thanks to the Early Christians Sunday School Class for providing set-up and clean-up.

Hosting for Room-in-the-Inn begins at HCN on Saturday, November 26, 2011, with the New Life Sunday School Class. Each Adult and Teen Sunday School Class has an assigned evening to host through the winter months. Check with Paul Stonecipher for your assignment. If your heart has a special place for ministering to the homeless and you would be interested in assuming a learning role for directing the Room-in-the-Inn program at HCN, Paul is interested in training and passing the torch.

HCN participates in lots of venues for giving to mission projects. We support orphans; send volunteers to India, Peru, Kenya, Bulgaria, Romania; involve ourselves in right-to-life ministries and recovery ministries; serve and host the homeless; visit in nursing homes; and on and on. The very large investment in missions that we carry year after year is the support we share with Nazarene churches around the world for 750 plus career missionaries serving in 150 plus world areas. Our portion approaches $60,000 every year. There are hundreds of ways to look at this amount of money but one way is to consider that we fully fund and support our own missionary family, Spencer and April Baggott, who serve in Rwanda with their three children. I would think it takes $60,000 per year to house, feed, insure, and care for the Baggott family. Thanksgiving and Easter are great times for Nazarenes to sacrificially give to world missions. Our Radical adventure challenges us to sacrifice your money for a specific purpose. Involve your family. Talk about the contribution. Allow your children to sacrifice their money. Use this as a teaching moment. Please consider this opportunity. The more I learn about the world and the need for a faithful witness for Christ, the more I want to give to missions in ways that matter.

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 6, 2011, at 2:00 AM. That means that you gain back the hour you gave up last Spring. So, before you retire to bed this Saturday evening, November 5, 2011, turn your clock BACK one hour and get extra sleep.

Thanks to Daniel Smith and Jake Resor, senior pastoral ministries students at TNU, who read the text and led in the Lord’s Prayer in last Sunday’s worship services. Thanks to Hunter Steinmetz, Grant McCoy, Reed McCoy, Ben Mabry, Kyle Peterman, Christi Fite, Sophie Green, and Anna-Laura Green, all high school and university students who served on the second service Praise Team last Sunday. You inspire me.

There are lots of large activities going on around the church this weekend. It is Trevecca’s Homecoming. It is the Senior High’s Barnes Farm Retreat. I hope you plan to include worship at HCN in your activities. I personally think it is a great place to be.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Howard

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Congratulations to the ten believers who were baptized into Christ and the church on Sunday, October 23, 2011, in the 5:00 PM service. Each made a public confession and followed after Christ into the baptismal waters. I baptized Sara Drummond, a senior high teen. Pastor Carol Waller baptized five elementary children: Elizabeth Stinson, Isabella Stinson, Dakota Biggs, Jonathan Pilarski, and Stephen Swoner. Dr. Bryce Fox baptized his daughter, Brenae Fox, and a father, mother, son: Eric Ni, Susan Ni, and Raymond Ni. The sacrament provided a true opportunity to hear stories of faith and to celebrate.

Congratulations to the Mt. Juliet Middle School Girls Soccer Team who are the 2011 undefeated District Champions and District Tournament Champions. Team members who either call HCN their home church or visit frequently with teammates are Savanah Collins, Morgan Houser, Hannah Jackson, Marileigh Mabry, Chandler Scott, Sarah Carter, Corinne Cheatham, Julian Duggan, Kendell Rice, Katilyn Bender, and Karah Sharpe. Marileigh was injured in a fluke accident moments before the championship tournament game and was unable to play. Her previous contributions to the team’s success were acknowledged by still bei

ng chosen all-tournament.

Congratulations to Alex Gray, student at McGavock Comprehensive High School and a member of the McGavock Marching Band. On Saturday, October 22, 2011, the band was named Reserve Grand Champions at the Contest of Champions held at Middle Tennessee State University. They also took second place honors in the Extra-Large Classification. They were the second highest scoring band in the state of Tennessee.

Pastor Eddie Witkowski led LiveWire (middle school) Students on a camping retreat to Fall Creek Falls last weekend, October 21-23, 2011. They not only survived the coldest weekend of the year but thrived in the wilderness. Chaperones were Kevin Davenport, Jake Pilarski, Jonathan Paddon, Ginger Magee, Adrie Brown, Eddie and Yana Witkowski. Retreaters included Carson Davenport, Teddy Joyce, Joel Jones, Daniel Magee, Cameron Davenport, Josh Pilarski, Keegan Brown, Nolan Magee, Jacob Paddon, Bryce Poole, Matthew Helm, Shelby Jackson, Isabella Green, Kristin Paddon, Kenzie Eiseman, Catherine Mann, Becca Waller, Sarah Helm, Maddy Rouse, Hailey Gold, and Kailey Perkins.

Pastor Ken Jewett led a LEAP Hiking Trip for Trevecca Students last weekend, October 21-23, 2011. Students included HCN peeps Anna-Laura Green, Shelby Bowman, Chelsea Hardy, Cassie Hunt, and Vera Pendergraft.

There are four significant events I need to talk with you about that arrive in the next seven days.

· The first is the Candy Parade on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, at 6:30 PM in the HCN Center. Bring 200 pieces of candy to give and come and sit and share with the children of our church and community. Children from infants through grade 4 are invited to dress up and take a candy walk. Bring a bag/sack/container.

· The second is the Seasonal Flair Event for Women on Thursday, October 27, 2011, at 6:30 PM in the HCN Center. Tickets are $6. Highlights include fellowship, shopping at vendors booths, crafty ideas, taste and take recipes.

· The third is the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, October 29, 2011, from 7:00 to 8:30 AM in the HCN Center. Jill Satterlee cooks and serves breakfast from 7:00 to 7:30 AM. Dr. Steve Stride, HCN member and a licensed clinical psychologist, speaks from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. If you have an opportunity, register your intention to attend with the church office at 847-3335 or

· The fourth is the Fall Fish Fry on Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 5:00 PM on the west end of the HCN campus. It is the largest and most popular social of the year. The menu includes freshly fried fish, French fries, homemade hushpuppies, slaw, and white beans.

Families are asked to bring a large drink and a dessert. There are twenty cookers ready to go. Wayne McNeese still needs volunteers who would serve as food runners from the fryers to the serving tables. Send a message to the church if you would like to help.

My good friend, Daron Brown, attended second service yesterday with his wife, Katie, and children, Kendall, Parker, and Macy. He is the pastor of the Waverly Church of the Nazarene and in the midst of a sabbatical. Daron attended HCN as a student at Trevecca in the 1990’s and as an intern for one semester. He is a contemporary of Matthew Mullins and Chuck Seay. It is my biased opinion that Daron is one of finest graduates of the TNU School of Pastoral Ministry and that the school should find a way to clone him.

Approximately one month ago, I wrote about the possibility that you would consider a significant offering for world missions at Thanksgiving. It is a long-standing tradition in the Church of the Nazarene for gifts to be given for missions at Thanksgiving and Easter. The Radical Series in progress in the HCN Sunday School has five particular challenges: pray for the entire world; read through the entire Bible; sacrifice your money for a specific purpose; spend your time in a specific context; commit your life to a multiplying community. Could I ask that you consider sacrificing your money for a specific purpose to be fulfilled in a Thanksgiving Offering for world missions? There is a generation of young men and women from HCN who sense a specific call to serve God in global missions. We guarantee there will be a place for them by giving now and continuing to give. Spencer and April Baggott, members of HCN, currently serve as missionaries in Kigali, Rwanda, with their three children. Please pray and think and ask God for direction regarding this investment.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Howard